Let’s Go to Facebook

A few moments to myself? Let’s get on Facebook:

Posting on Walls: Graffiti

Some grey walls get graffiti, even Facebook walls, and some graffiti is actually good. Often it is the walls that are a little hidden, that get lively with the best honesty and humanity.

Sometimes the best graffiti is right in your face.

Not to belabor graffiti here, but even covered graffiti, where the govt uses beige paint to cover graffiti on bridges and overpasses, are signs of life beyond simple hive utility. I enjoy those beige squares as well, and wait for the day some rebel artist strategically places his tags, waiting for them to be covered in beige blocks. This rebel artist will mastermind where the tags go, so that overtime, and unknowingly, the state helps paint an image in beige blocks, some two-tone masterpiece in beige and grey. Perhaps, Seurat’s Grande Jatte and Circus.

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